Chinese Literature and Culture, a peer‑reviewed journal and a book series
online and in print 
Chinese Literature and Culture, a Peer‑Reviewed Journal and a Book Series
Guangzhou and New York

Chinese Literature and Culture (ISSN 2332-4287 print; ISSN 2334-1122 online), a peer-reviewed academic journal published three times a year, available as a book series, is devoted to translations of Chinese texts (works from the past or by contemporary authors), essays of cultural criticism, and original writings — fiction or non-fiction — dealing with the China experience or life in the Chinese communities around the world. The journal embraces the idea of cultural translation as advocated by our editors.
Chinese Literature and Culture is edited by Chu Dongwei, Fulbright Scholar, Professor of Translation Studies at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China and jointly published in the United States by New Leaves Arts and Letters Lab of Zilin Limited and IntLingo, Inc.
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